Initially employed by Whitefriars School to look at the refurbishment of the 1930’s Horsa hut to the rear of the site which was occupied by the Nursery class, our appointment was extended to include an overall Design Strategy for the school which would enable them to establish a five year plan of possible works. In the process of producing this document it became apparent that the ideal location for the Foundation years was on the ground floor of the existing Victorian building with access to a new play area at the front. This also provided an indication to the local community that improvements were in the process of being carried out. Three existing classroom were converted into one linked space for Foundation Years and an external sheltered play area created

Under direct appointment to the school, we were responsible for a rolling programme of refurbishment for Whitefriars First & Middle School between 2005 and 2007, culminating in the conversion of the ground floor classrooms of this 1980’s extension into a new SureStart Children’s Centre.

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