Analysis showed that the local council, with employees scattered across a number of sites, would benefit from providing a single new office where all these activities could be concentrated. The proposals were designed for flexible occupancy so that there was potential for sub letting as demand for space by the Authority changed over time. The Local Authority was a major employer in the area and was looking to improve efficiency and kickstart regeneration of the town centre.

The project was driven by a private sector led joint venture regeneration company. This was constituted as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), with project value shared on a 50/50 basis with the Local Authority. The LLP, identified potential demand and alternative uses / occupiers for the assets held by the Authority and generated funding by realising this asset value.

The offices were designed to be energy efficient with natural ventilation through a double skin façade and internal atrium, and to achieve BREEAM Excellent rating. The scheme provided five stories of office space for 1600 staff, incorporating the local library and museum. Project value £80milliion.

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